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Unlock your Blackberry Cell Phone Instantly for free!! Using the newest software we can now provide unlock codes for almost all Blackberry phones instantly.

We can unlock your phone requiring only the IMEI and PRD number available on the label on the back of you phone under the battery.

BlackBerry - Find MEP From PRD Number

Find MEP from your phones PRD number.

Every BlackBerry phone has a PRD number which can be find on the label inside the phones battery compartment, see below.

1. Power your BlackBerry Off.
2. Remove battery cover.
3. Remove battery.
4. Look for PRD-XXXXX-XXX number in the white label on the back.
5. Select your phone's PRD number from the dropdown list below to display the correct MEP number. Ensure the PRD number matches exactly.

Please select your PRD number

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